International Semester

Courses delivered in Autumn 2022

Courses delivered in Spring 2023


The project can be done in either Autumn or Spring, or even along the full year.

Doing the project can imply taking two UVa courses: one of the available bachelor’s or master’s final project (course codes and different effort in ECTS vary among the programs we offer), optionally complemented by an internship in the research group to make a deeper final project.

Students will have to develop a project in the area of Telecommunications. Two departments will offer projects to international students: Signal Theory, Communications and Telematic Engineering, and Electronics. When a student wants to take a project, she/he must contact the ETSIT International Coordinator (IC) ( and send him both a Curriculum Vitae and a list of areas of interest. If the CRI considers that she/he is eligible, the IC will distribute the CV between the different research groups working in the areas suggested by the students. Research groups interested in the students will contact her/him directly and offer different topics for the project. When the student reaches an agreement with the research group, she/he will contact the IC and the research group to confirm the agreement. This process has to be completed before signing any learning agreement.

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