UVa Ground Station GENSO-UVa

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Our ground station is growing up at a moderate but constant pace. However, as with a tractor plowing a field, we intend to do a solid work that depends on the volunteers and the students. We are satisfied with our present achievements, but we know there is still a long way and lots of things to learn and to teach. Behind the scenes there is a hard work, but we are happy to show these pictures and videos with the obtained results.

Live video: roof camera streaming

We are testing this service.

Watch the antenna in operation and check the station when tracking a satellite. After clicking on the picture, enter these data in the login window (no password is required):

User login: guest

UVa GS camera

Video: the tower raising. March 22nd, 2011

Video with the crane operations to raise the tower to the top of the Telecommunications School of the University of Valladolid.

May 2011. Assembling the M2 antenna system and the G3RUH dish.

UVa setup 2UVa setup 3UVa setup 4


February 2012. Vega flight VV01.

Launch day at the ground station room. First Vega flight with the Xatcobeo cubesat. Mission debriefing to the students and media.


October 2012. Maintenance works

After testing the hardware, it was time to put it in order. The equipment is put in a rack. Nice and simple front, but a lot of wiring in the back: a mess that will be ordered during these works.

Rack frontRack back

March 2013, 7th. Report on regional TV

Report broadcasted on regional channel CyL-TV in relation to the SARAL mission works at the groundstation and the STRaND-1 experiments..