UVa Ground Station GENSO-UVa

ISRO PSLV-C20/SARAL mission. Cubesats/nanosats

Pass reports

These are the pass-reports recorded in the GS related to ISRO PSLV-C20 launch. See the details about the payload. The ground station is located at 41.6621ºN, -4.7055ºW and 710 m (Valladolid, Spain). Locator is IN71PP.

Pass reports are recorded in automated mode with HDSDR software and FUNcube Dongle Pro+. Recordings can be played back with HDSDR. Below are the screenshots and data files of the passes covering the frequency spectrum of both STRaND-1 and AAUSAT3 satellites. It can be seen the STRaND-1 data (green/red stream) while passing over the ground station. There are several methods to decode the STRaND-1 telemetry that can be checked at AMSAT-UK (STRaND-1 telemetry).

Latest pass-reports. Live!

Check live the scheduled pass reports over our ground station! Any time! As soon as they are recorded, the raw data is uploaded to the storage server. To be opened with HDSDR (unzipping can be required). Data can be heavy: around 500 MB per file, depending on the pass duration. Files are hosted at the Telecomm School servers. Data transfers rely on the high-speed university network RedIRIS.

We are testing and improving this service: please, accept our apologies in case of intermittent failures.

Icon storage

Pass-reports storage

STRaND-1 decoding. Live!

These files contain the STRaND-1 real-time decoded data. The receiver is tuned at 437.568 MHz and there is no Doppler correction, so this real-time decoding is not accurate. In order to perform a finer decoding, replay the raw data from the pass-reports storage and trim the Doppler deviation. Packet data are decoded live with DK3WN software and uploaded here:

Packet storage

We are testing and improving this service: please, accept our apologies in case of intermittent failures.

STRaND-1 beacon clear and decoded (with 'secret' enclosed message)

Pass: 20130301_183017Z

Received March 1st, pass starting at 18:30:17 UTC

Antenna pointing has been recalibrated. Now groundstation working at full-performance.

The beacon was decoded from the recorded pass-report (see link below). Check the aforementioned methods to decode telemetry with HDSDR software if you want to try by yourself.


2013-03-01 --:--:--.---- UTC: [56 Bytes KISS Frame (without CRC)]
1 > C0 00 DB DC 80 BE 2E DB DC 53 54 52 61 4E 44 31 20 4D 4F 44
21 > 45 4D 20 42 45 41 43 4F 4E 20 2D 20 48 65 6C 70 20 6D 65 20
41 > 4F 42 43 20 4B 65 6E 6F 62 69 0D 0A DB DC 00 C0



Older pass-reports

Older pass-reports are being removed in order to save disk space in the server. In case you need a recorded pass report, please, send an e-mail to ramon.delarosa@tel.uva.es.

Pass: 20130227_072949Z

Received 27th February, pass starting at 07:29:49 UTC.



Pass: 20130227_054753Z

Received 27th February, pass starting at 05:47:53 UTC.